by Linda Gullette Hudson
To the members of the 

As Thanksgiving time quickly comes into view,
I thank each of you for the things that you do.

To Sandy, you pore through our music selecting
the ones we can play when you're up there directing. 
To Francine who files all that music away,
and neatens the room where it's stored day to day. 

To Lee who so quietly keeps up the list
of our membership; you would be certainly missed.
To Gab who donates time and skill of great worth
to create and maintain the best website on earth. 

To Francine, Melissa, to Karl and to Doc
who pull out the music that's kept under lock,
making sure it's put back whenever we're through
with rehearsal, oh yes, I'm quite thankful to you.

To Francine and Lori and Doc who do look
to secure us the gigs that Francine does then book.
To Sandy who works out the programs we play
making sure that we're ready before concert day.

To Melissa who lets all the rest of us know
when it's time to show up, and just where we should go.
Who transports the music, who orders our shirts
and our music, and sends out all email alerts.

Who takes care of funds, and of sundry supplies 
(while frequently covering the costs that arise).
I'm thankful to David, Melissa, and you 
who have purchased new music to donate here too.

I'm thankful to each of you reading today;
you've contributed much in your own special way.
Though you weren't named above, you have given your time.
(named in randomized order, or ordered for rhyme):

To Noah, Jim, Cynthia, Barbara, Ed,
To Amy and Janet, let my thanks now be said.
To Jeannie and Jean, Travis, Ron, Bruce, and Joe,
Thanks for all that you do that I simply can't know.

I'm thankful to some who were there from the start
who, for physical reasons, have had to depart.
McCall, Suzy, Jack, Anne-Marie and Laetitia.
We think of you often; by golly we miss ya!

I'm thankful to Mike who has now passed away,
and I'm sure he'd agree with these words that I say:
When reaching the place where one's road finally ends,
Well-lived was that life making music with friends.

I thank each of you for the things that you do;
I thank God for music; I thank God for you.

(18 November 2008)