World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles. World-wide events and concerts.

National Band Association. Claims to be the largest band organization in the world

Bandworld Magazine. Its website includes an online version of the magazine.

The Internet Bandsman's Everything Within. A compilation of hundreds of band web sites throughout the world, with links to each of them. Click on Wind and Concert in the left-had panel. 

Community Music Contacts. A list of full contact details for wind ensembles: one of the largest sets of band links available on the web.

The Oak Ridge Community Band/Wind Ensemble, founded in 1944 and still going strong!

The Oak Ridge Community Orchestra, fostering lifelong appreciation and enthusiasm for classical and contemporary orchestral music.

J.W. Pepper. According to them, the world's largest sheet-music supplier.

Rush's Music. Our local Knoxville music supplier.

Lark in the Morning. A great selection of musical instruments, books, recordings, videos and musical artwork.

The Concert Band Portal. Provides links to many concert-band sites throughout the world, with a search facility.

Band Geeks Online. As their website puts it, "Devoted to the exchange of links, ideas, and discussions, concerning concert band music, musicians, and organizations."

Online resources for particular instruments:

Flute Network

International Double Reed Society

International Clarinet Association 

International Saxophone

International Trumpet Guild

International Horn Society

International Trombone Association

International Tuba Euphonium Association

Percussive Arts Society


All about percussion (Emily's page)


Financial Resources for Future Musicians

Some of our members play in other ensembles:

Tennessee Wind Symphony (formerly East Tennessee Concert Band). This band has an excellent website (since it was built by the guy who also built this one!).

The Knoxville Community Band The website of this band is exceptionally uninformative. But it does sport as its only picture a supposed photograph of our own George Shacklett who is actually the late Durward Leeper who also played with us for a while.

City of Swansea Concert Band. One of our former players, Gabriel Jacobs (Bass Clarinet) played for many years in a concert band in Swansea, Wales, before retiring to Knoxville and joining us. He left us in 2008 to return to Wales and play once again in the Swansea band.